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About Us

We are a Ceramic Coating applicator

Who we are

We are a team who is dedicated to doing our best every time!  My hands personally take care of every job start to finish!  I do not take shortcuts, will educate people on true ceramic properties (not false expectations or warranties) and will take the time to meet with you to answer any questions and to try and make you feel comfortable with any inquiries regarding what we do.  

Jeff Reimer

Jeff Reimer

Sue Reimer

Sue Reimer

Jeff has been in the Automotive Paint Repair industry for 23 years. Starting out with Carsmetics in St Catharines and expanding into Depew NY with a similar company called Paintmedic.   After establishing Paintmedic as a reputable repair service with over 20 dealerships and the public with personal vehicles using the service it grew requiring a small staff and became more of a small body shop environment than a touch up facility.  While managing employees, becoming a certified accident estimator and training/supporting franchisees in New Jersey, North Carolina, Arizona and New York his personal skill set grew with many valuable experiences and relationships. 

Paintmedic was an incredible learning experience that provided a handful of qualities to fall back on daily.  After 5 years of working in New York, the decision was made  to return to work a Carsmetics franchise in the Niagara  area and going into business for himself. 

With over 20 years invested in paint repair, estimating damage, working with people one on one clearly Jeff’s passion was to create the best at what ever he was working on or with.  This led him to working with ceramic coat products. 

One of the best products available to install on your vehicle hands down. After using his own vehicle as a test subject and exposing to it everything our environment has to throw at it, while testing multiple products the decision was made to work towards being exclusive to ceramic coating.  The results speak for themselves!

At Final touch Ceramic Jeff and his wife Sue treat every vehicle and relationship with 100% attention to detail to create the best possible result every time.   

We are exclusive to ceramic coating and clear coat repair where the level of prepping is second to none before coating. 

We would be pleased to add you to our growing family of satisfied customers with your vehicle, toys or what ever you’d like to have worked on/coated. 

Our Services

We provide a wide array of automotive paint protection and correction application services

Paint Correction

Paint Correction that can transform a tired looking paint into a new elegant looking vehicle.

What is Nano Technology

The manipulation of matter on a super molecular scale. They are microscopic structures that bond to your clear coat.

Ceramic Coatings

Our nano ceramic coating will provide a durable barrier against many elements and is easy to maintain.

Quality Assurance

Our team reviews and tests all of the products we use and will use only the best for a true final touch result.  Every job receives the same level of attention to create satisfied customers and referrals.


How We Work



One of the big differences from our team to many others is the amount of prep work that goes into every job.  Proper prep determines proper product performance.  We take no shortcuts on jobs regardless of what kind of vehicle or product it is. 



We are constantly trying new products and testing them in our environment.  While it is true that many professional grade ceramic coatings are similar, there are those that will perform better than others.  Working with a hands on approach alongside professionals and products to determine best practice and results.



Our results speak for themselves.  Hard work and dedication to every job yields amazing results. Professional ceramic application with proper prep and cleaning will take anywhere from 10-30 hours depending on vehicle and ceramic package being installed. 

Let’s talk about your project?